KGB Espionage KF1-2-3 Chassis

• The chassis is powder coated in Gloss Black color and CIK FIA homologated.

• The 1045mm chassis is made of seamless special chrome moly steel tubes of diameters 30 mm and 32 mm. with front and rear removable laser cut torsion bars. All tube cutting is completed using state of the art CNC laser machines and tube bending is also completed using CNC machines.

• Components are CNC machined to tight tolerances using the best aluminum solid pieces and then titanium anodized. All these operations are
performed within Parolin Racing Kart’s facilities.

• Stub axles are CNC machined from a single steel piece of alloy steel with laser cut tubular steering arms. Ackerman, camber and caster are
all adjustable with 25mm bearings.

• Pedals are made of aluminum and present an ultra-low friction attachment system which provides enhanced feel.

• Brakes are AP RACE hydraulic self adjusting and CIK FIA homologated.

• The cast iron ventilated Rear brake rotor is 194 x 18 mm diameter. All components are produced within our Parolin Racing Kart’s facilities.

• The 50mm rear axle is supported by three bearings with special alloy cassettes.

• The seat is manufactured in fiberglass by IMAF and engineered using the latest ergonomic techniques along with extra right and left seat supports.

• The CIKFIA homologated EUROSTAR WINGS aerodynamic streamlined bodywork are produced within Parolin Racing Kart's facilities and supplied with a complete KGB bodygraphic kit

• Wheels are 210/130 and made of heat treated black anodized magnesium with a triple bead retention system.

• Equipped with an aluminum MOTORSPORT 322mm anatomic steering wheel.

Espionage Pro Model  –
• Magnesium wheel hubs,brake & sprocket hubs.
• Magnesium axle cassets.
• Aluminum Ceramic brake rotor
• 345mm Black Ergonomic steering wheel.
• IMAF F6 Silver seat.
• Parolin Exclusive 3-67mm Gold Magnesium wheels.