KGB MI6 Cadet Chassis

• The Chassis wheelbase is 950mm are made from special 28mm seamless chrome moly steel tubing.
• The chassis is supplied with removable/adjustable Lazer cut torsion bars at front & rear
• The black 30mm x 2.0 x 1040 rear axle is supported by two bearings in black aluminum cassettes.
• The Parolin AP RACE Motorsport hydraulic self adjusting brake system comes with Special Lightweight
Aluminum ceramic full floating rotor assembly and twin fluid pump.

• Wheels are GMZ black 130mm x 5 Low Volume magnesium using 3-58mm bolt pattern front & rear.
• Standard is Parolin’s unique adjustable steering shaft and caster/camber adjustment system.
• The black 25mm stub axles are made of machined steel with tubular Ackerman adjustable steering arms.
• Standard is a Black suede 320mm Motorsports anatomic steering wheel with billet inclined hub.
• The EUROSTAR MINI Black Aerodynamic streamlined bodywork are produced within Parolin Racing Kart's facilities and supplied with a complete KGB bodygraph kit.
• The chassis is powder coated in Gloss Black color and is homologated according to Italian CSAI, Spanish Real Federation, French FFSA and German DMSB rules.
• Black billet Pedals are made of machined aluminum and present an ultra-low friction attachment system which provides enhanced feel along
with the billet adjustable foot rest.
• The Imaf Silver FA Mini seat comes standard with additional tubular seat stays for tuning.

• A black billet 2 piece engine mount is supplied in Vortex pattern.

• All bolts on steering and brake components are safety clipped to meet US standards.

• All Tube cutting and welding are performed using laser technology machines and tube bending with state of the art CNC machines.